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To change right to left hand:

Put the selector in free spool Position This is done by turning the knob on the back of the reel 90 degrees.

Using the hex key provided remove both screws turning counter clockwise and reverse positions.

Screw in until snug, do not overtighten. the yellow screw indicates the reel setup when in free spool position.

reel knob.png

Hand Change

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If possible, rinse with fresh water after each day of use.

Back drag off to minimum pressure when not in use

When servicing internal parts always put the selector in free spool

Apply waterproof synthetic grease to the external surface of the three bearings periodically to reduce chance of any water penetration. We recommend Super Lube which is available at most tackle shops. Apply sparingly using a Q-tip.

The carbon fiber drag does not require grease or oil. it comes pregreased for the break-in period but after that should not require any further care.

When reassembling the reel ensure the bearing washer is slipped over the spindle before the coil spring.


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